The First Poultry Show

This section contains two documents on the first organized poultry show held in the U.S.    You will note the use of “organized” in the previous statement.  Poultry was already being shown in agricultural fairs but not in any organized manner.  The show held in Boston in November 1849 is considered the first organized poultry show and certainly was a major launching point for the fancy in the U.S.

The first page is taken from the November 1913 issue of The Farm Poultry Magazine and the second is a pdf of a booklet authored by John H. Robinson in the same year.

The two articles are very similar and given the fact that both were issued in 1913 and the Robinson booklet was printed by The Farm-Poultry it is suspected that Robinson had a hand in both, though it is not certain whether he penned the magazine article or simply compiled it for the booklet.


1. The Farm Poultry Magazine article

2. pdf of booklet on the First Show by John H. Robinson


From the February 1874 issue of The Poultry World is a list of upcoming poultry shows.