The 1910 Standard

Without a doubt the 1910 Standard and its subsequent revision generated more poultry press than almost any other single topic in the history of the American Poultry Association.

Here we present three different “articles”, which, between them, give the reader a very clear idea of what occurred.


American Poultry World, May of 1911

From the research to-date it appears the articles in American Poultry World started much of the press.


Amercian Poultry World August 1911,

Much of this entire issue was devoted to the topic, therefore this section is a pdf file.


Reliable Poultry Journal, several issues late in 1911

A very interesting read as editor Curtis sought out the truth on what had happened and presented many of the “reasons” for the Misfit Standard to the public.


Each of the entries above is a link to the information.  Click on them to access the articles.