Formation of the APA

This section contains information on the formation of the American Poultry Association.   The first being from the APA itself, extracted from the January 1900 proceedings of the annual meeting.   The second appeared in Reliable Poultry Journal on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the APA.

John H. Robinson was a man with impeccable credentials in the poultry world.  His attention to detail and accuracy was almost above reproach.  He was not only a poultry historian, magazine editor and textbook author; he was also personally knew many of the “old men” of the poultry fancy.


1. Origin of the APA

2. Origin of the APA by John H. Robinson


As a side-note, at one time there was a push for “Pedigreed Fowl” at shows.  From an 1874 issue of The Poultry World the following list was obtained.  This author finds it particularly interesting that the owner of one flock of American Dominiques was Miles Standish.