Welcome to www.apahistory.com. dedicated to the history of the American Poultry Association and the Poultry Fancy. The APA was established in 1873 and is the oldest livestock organization on the North American continent. It is the premier Poultry Organization in the US. Its mission is to promote and protect the Standard Bred poultry industry in all its phases and to continue the publication of the American Standard of Perfection the book used by breeders, exhibitors and judges as the guide for the breeding and judging of all Standard Bred Poultry.     

     This site will chronicle events starting with the first Poultry show in the United States in 1849 to the formation of the Association in 1873. It will look back at the publishing of the first breed standard, The Standard of Excellence, in 1874 and its transition into the American Standard of Perfection that since that time has been published continuously and is now in its 44th edition.

     We will be updating these pages as new information is discovered and any submissions of related items are greatly appreciated. We hope that everyone enjoys reading about the long and rich history of the American Poultry Association.

John Monaco
American Poultry Association